Week 9- Game Week

One place Mrs. W can visit when she goes to the southern states are:

  1. The Butterfly Lodge Museum. It’s a beautiful little area to kick back your feet and enjoy the nature surrounding the area.
  2. The Grand Canyon. This is a family place where you can catch a donkey ride through the canyon.
  3. The Olbrich Gardens are in Wisconsin but it’s a beautiful place that has butterflies in it and you can go on a scavenger hunt for the butterflies on the tour.
  4. The Little Falls in Alabama is also a natural built area to dip your feet in the water and try to figure out the history of it although if you ask anyone in the area you sure will hear the truth.
  5. The Confederate Memorial Park in Alabama is a tribute to the men who served in the Civil War.
  6. You could go camping in Maryland go swimming in the lake and rent a cabin.
  7. Celebrate Maryland outdoor days from June 8- June 22.
  8. Walk some of natures trails at Rocky Gap State Park.
  9. Run a 5k with your dog at Greenwell state Park.
  10. Paddle through a river a Pokomoke.

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